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Tip #892   Check memory and swap from command line

Want to check the amount of used, free and total memory and swap from the command line? This script displays memory and swap information. Fully posix compliant and should work with all 2.[2-6].* kernels .

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Tip #885   Random password generator.

Generate a random 8 character password containing a-z, A-Z and 0-9:

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Tip #882   Find last modified files on a filesystem

To find the last modified files in a directory you can use ls -ltr. To find the last modified file on a file system it will not work, but the following command will work:

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Tip #878   Random xkcd comic

Displays a random xkcd comic. Requires ImageMagick.

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Tip #874   Count how many packages have been installed by pacman

Count how many packages have been installed by pacman:

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Tip #873   Import ssh host keys without verification

Automatically import host keys for cluster of machines named 'all'

Using the 'dsh' command from the clusterit tools -

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Tip #872   Reverse geocode with bash

The following bash script, which depends on lynx web browser, uses Google's reverse geocode service to find a nearby address given a latitude and longitude pair:

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Tip #871   Ignore an alias

A '\' mark before a command will ignore aliases. For example, you have alias

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