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Tip #864   Read a file line-by-line

This short script reads a file line-by-line ( whith whitespace characters too ) and outputs to STDOUT.

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Tip #844   Hide files in an image

It is possible to hide a rar archive inside a png image file and then retrieve the files from this image.

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Tip #495   Print Until Regular Expression

Print a file until a regular expression is matched.
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Tip #468   Moved Trac and Subversion repositories to another machine/direct

CASE: You've relocated Subversion and Trac repositories to another machine/directories. You don't want to edit n+1 trac.ini files.

You have for example:



Change ALL trac.ini repository_dir settings:
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Tip #311   Filter stderr for cron jobs

Tired to get your mailbox full of cron information messages?
Eg.: some programs (pg_dump, /etc/init.d/xxx, ...) output informational messages on stderr, but you can't close stderr because it may also contain failure informations.

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Tip #224   Add header/footer to command output

If you want to surround the output of a command by a header or a footer try the following:

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Tip #197   Zero files

Zero out files leaving directory and file sets in place - used for archival purposes.
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Tip #194   Fix the previous command

If, like me, you often make mistakes on the command line, try using the history shortcut '^^' to repeat the last command with changes.

For example:

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Tip #187   View non-printing characters with cat

You can view unprintable and non ASCII characters in a file with 'cat -v -t -e'


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