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Tip #843   Backup delicious bookmarks

Use this command to backup your bookmarks from the commandline with curl.

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Tip #701   Stream YouTube videos directly to your media player

YouTube is great, but the embedded flash player doesn't offer a lot in the way of customizing your viewing experience. There are quite a few options for downloading flv video files from YouTube, but adding the following function to your bashrc will let you stream them directly to your choice of media player.

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Tip #632   Debian device driver check and report

The command below uses the debian device driver check and report service at to give a report on your PCI devices.

As it mentions on the site:
* This database uses the PCI map of Debian kernel 2.6.29-1-686.
* The result does NOT guarantee your hardware works perfectly.
* This database only verifies the PCI devices at this time. X drivers, ISA, USB, IEEE1394 or any other devices are out of the focus.

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