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Tip #562   Version all unversioned files in an SVN checkout

Sometimes, you want to add a lot of files to SVN from the command line. This simple command will find all unversioned files in an SVN checkout and adds them to SVN versioning.

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Tip #468   Moved Trac and Subversion repositories to another machine/direct

CASE: You've relocated Subversion and Trac repositories to another machine/directories. You don't want to edit n+1 trac.ini files.

You have for example:



Change ALL trac.ini repository_dir settings:
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Tip #198   vimdiff and svn

vimdiff <(svn cat -r ##ver## foo) foo

will put you in the usual vimdiff output, but comparing between ##ver## and your current version of foo Read more »


Tip #170   SVN resolve all conflicts

Resolve all your conflicted files. Use with caution!!

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Tip #118   Use ALT+. to insert last parameter

In bash (or anything using libreadline, such as mysql) press ALT+. to insert the last used parameter from the previous line.


$ vim some/file.c
$ svn commit
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