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Tip #882   Find last modified files on a filesystem

To find the last modified files in a directory you can use ls -ltr. To find the last modified file on a file system it will not work, but the following command will work:

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Tip #850   Checksum directory recursively

Do a sha256sum of an entire directory name directory and check for integrity.
Modifying the IFS variable is necessary for filename with space.

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Tip #836   Find symbolic links

Use this command to find all the links in the current directory and below

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Tip #824   List only the files that have been updated today.

Use this command to list files that have been updated today in the current directory.

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Tip #823   Remove DS_Store files from shared folders

.DS_Store files are a hidden file created by OS X to store custom attributes of a folder such as the position of icons or the choice of a background image. By default, they are created in every folder accessed, even folders on remote systems (for example, folders shared over an SMB or AFP connection). This can soon leave your shared folders littered with these files.

The command below will remove all DS_Store files from the current directory and any sub directories.

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Tip #796   Find files by mime-type

Use this command to find files of a given mime-type. For example to find all PNG images in a directory or below:

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Tip #680   Find and remove core files

Use this to find core files and remove them:

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