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Tip #869   BOFH Excuses

Get an excuse in a single command...

form the BOFH...

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Tip #864   Read a file line-by-line

This short script reads a file line-by-line ( whith whitespace characters too ) and outputs to STDOUT.

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Tip #858   Making shell scripts executable via editor hooks

If you spend a lot of time creating new shell scripts then it can be very useful to make them executable by default. To do this in Vim add the following lines to the end of your ~/.vimrc file - creating it if necessary:

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Tip #850   Checksum directory recursively

Do a sha256sum of an entire directory name directory and check for integrity.
Modifying the IFS variable is necessary for filename with space.

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Tip #844   Hide files in an image

It is possible to hide a rar archive inside a png image file and then retrieve the files from this image.

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Tip #843   Backup delicious bookmarks

Use this command to backup your bookmarks from the commandline with curl.

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Tip #840   Making vim oneliners

We can use vim to make changes to a file all in one command, for example

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Tip #839   Shutdown a windows PC from linux

A remote Windows PC can easily be shutdown, assuming you have Samba installed on your Linux box, and you have a user account on the Windows PC that has the necessary rights.

Just enter the following command, where 'thehostname' is the hostname of the remote PC, and 'theusername' is a valid user account on the remote PC:

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Tip #838   Record a screencast as an mpeg

Use the command below to record a screencast and save it as an mpeg:

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