Tips tagged perl


Tip #498   Create file dumps

This script displays the contents of files (or stdin) in ascii, hexadecimal, decimal, octal, and binary formats.

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Tip #496   Remove empty directories

Remove all empty directories within the current directory

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Tip #495   Print Until Regular Expression

Print a file until a regular expression is matched.
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Tip #468   Moved Trac and Subversion repositories to another machine/direct

CASE: You've relocated Subversion and Trac repositories to another machine/directories. You don't want to edit n+1 trac.ini files.

You have for example:



Change ALL trac.ini repository_dir settings:
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Tip #404   An interactive perl shell

I've long been frustrated by the lack of an interactive perl shell, where I can enter commands and see the results immediately. Yes, I have tried the perl debugger.

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Tip #186   Using comm

You can use diff to see the differences between two files, but it can be useful to see what is the same and more clearly how they differ. This is where comm comes in useful.

comm tells you what information is common to two lists and what information appears uniquely in one or the other.

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Tip #167   Find and replace with backup

Find and replace recursively over several files:
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