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Tip #892   Check memory and swap from command line

Want to check the amount of used, free and total memory and swap from the command line? This script displays memory and swap information. Fully posix compliant and should work with all 2.[2-6].* kernels .

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Tip #549   Splitting arguments with read

The 'read' command can be used to split arguments based on any arbitrary character using IFS:

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Tip #510   iso2cd

My little "iso2cd" alias. Not clean, but handy. The Burning device will be auto detected.

example call:
iso2cd debian_lenny_final.iso

alias iso2cd="cdrecord -s dev=`cdrecord --devices 2>&1 | grep "\(rw\|dev=\)" | awk {'print $2'} | cut -f'2' -d'=' | head -n1` gracetime=1 driveropts=burnfree -dao -overburn -v" Read more »


Tip #258   List non-system users

I use the following to list non-system users. It should be portable though won't work on systems without the getent command.

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