Tips tagged bash


Tip #167   Find and replace with backup

Find and replace recursively over several files:
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Tip #170   SVN resolve all conflicts

Resolve all your conflicted files. Use with caution!!

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Tip #161   Simple password generator

This is a simpler password generator.

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Tip #46  

Using expansion to move a file aside without having to type the file name twice

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Tip #45  

multiple command output into a single program:

diff -u <(ls -c1 dir_1) <(ls -c1 dir_2)

Will show you a diff of files in the root of dir_1 and dir_2 Read more »


Tip #47   Changing file extensions

Rename replaces string X in a set of file names with string Y.

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Tip #48   Check low space

Mail somebody about space running low in some path (ksh, bash):

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Tip #64   Find occurrences of a string in a large code base without firing

example, look for all the TODO and HACK strings I left in large java project and show a bit of context before and after using the -C switch of grep.

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Tip #67   Loop over files with spaces in the name

Loop over files with spaces in the name:

(Wrong) example:
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Tip #77   Bash fork bomb

Don't forget the bash fork bomb. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME... Posted here so that you don't see this in a forum or a mailing list and use it without knowing:

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