Tips tagged sed


Tip #572   Print until no match

This bit of sed will print the contents of a file until the first line which doesn't contain the specified expression. A useful alternative to 'head' when you're not sure how much of the file you need.

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Tip #48   Check low space

Mail somebody about space running low in some path (ksh, bash):

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Tip #12  

Add a leading angle bracket and space to each line (quote a message)

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Tip #234   unwrapping ldapsearch's ldif output

I'm working on a project to access data from my corporate Active Directory server using ldapsearch. The version of ldapsearch that comes with Red Hat Enterprise Server spews out LDIF in column truncated format. That is to say it inserts a carriage return at column 80 of the output.

This sed goodie unwraps the ldif output.

UNWRAP=' /^ / {; H; d; }; /^ /! {; x; s/\n //; }; ' Read more »


Tip #233   Remove numbers from history

Use the following command to give a history listing without the numbers for easier copy and pasting:

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