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The command below will give a list of the packages installed on a debian system sorted from smallest to largest (the order can be reveresed by adding an 'r' option to sort - 'sort -k2 -nr').

dpkg-query --show --showformat='${Package;-50}\t${Installed-Size}\n'  | sort -k2 -n

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Equivalent for RPM based systems:

# rpm -qa --queryformat="%{=NAME} %{SIZE}\n" | sort -k2 -n
Posted 2009-06-08 11:14:33
Ricardo Rojas
alias debianpack="dpkg-query --show --showformat='${Package;-50}\t${Installed-Size}\n'  | sort -k2 -n"

Doing this gives me an error:
Sustitucion Incorrect(Wrong Substitution)
Posted 2009-06-08 14:45:30
Martin Zikmund
maybe a bit simpler :)

# wajig large
Posted 2009-06-08 16:19:10

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