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Try changing the following in your ~/.inputrc to alter the behaviour of auto completion on application/file names:

set completion-ignore-case on
- performs filename matching and completion in a case-insensitive fashion. The default value is 'off'.

set completion-query-items 200
- number of possible completions that determines when the user is asked if they want to see the list of possibilities. The default limit is 100.

- if set to 'on', words which have more than one possible completion cause the matches to be listed immediately instead of ringing the bell. The default value is 'off'.

- if set to 'on', a character denoting a file's type is appended to the filename when listing possible completions. The default is 'off'.

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Running ubuntu and with bash, using the last 2 settings breaks my bash session. Typing some letters does a bell and no letter gets printed.
Posted 2008-10-21 12:58:46

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