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If you work on remote boxes a lot, you ll probably need a to backup a directory from there onto your machine sooner or later.. This can easilly be done using ssh & tar; all in 1 line of (script friendly) code:

ssh user@server "cd /foo && tar cvz * --exclude=bar*" > backup.$( date +%y%m%d ).tgz

Substitute user & server by the relevant info; /foo by the map you need and bar with the stuff you dont need; execute the command; login to the server when asked & Blamo! You ll have a nice backup.date.tgz file on your machine :)

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Cool stuff! i thought only lsh can do that like:

bubo@castor:~$ lsh  tar cf - /opt2/bubo/musik/[n-s]* | (cd /home/bubo/  && tar -xf -)

by the way: i love this site. thanks a lot for publishing such a huge amount of useful stuff. if you don't believe that look at this:

bubo@castor:~$ grep shell-fu .bashrc
alias shell-fu='w3m -dump http://www.shell-fu.org/lister … php?random | tail -n +27 | tee -a /home/bubo/saveme/shell-fuus.txt'  :-)

Posted 2008-09-19 16:29:10
lsh is an implementation of the ssh v2 protocol, so lsh & ssh have similar features :)
Posted 2008-09-22 14:19:50

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