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I'm working on a project to access data from my corporate Active Directory server using ldapsearch. The version of ldapsearch that comes with Red Hat Enterprise Server spews out LDIF in column truncated format. That is to say it inserts a carriage return at column 80 of the output.

This sed goodie unwraps the ldif output.

UNWRAP=' /^ / {; H; d; }; /^ /! {; x; s/\n //; }; '

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I think if this sed code had been wrapped in a preformatted block, then this expression would work. As it is it doesn't though.
Posted 2008-12-12 22:37:47
Here's an alternative to the sed line above which fails :

perl -p0e 's/\n //g'
Posted 2008-12-12 22:56:08

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